Asset Management

Supported by the industry providers, our experienced team provide astute investment and market advice to assist in the management of wholesale and institutional client’s assets.


Vert Capital Pty Ltd is a Boutique Stockbroker servicing Wholesale clients only to maximise their returns. By opening an account with us you will be rewarded with unique investment opportunities with an agnostic industry outlook.

Our strategy is focused on maximising your returns with minimal risk.

Management of portfolio investments for private wholesale and institutional clients, in conjunction with experienced industry providers.

Experienced investment advisers provide astute investment and market advice.



Vert Capital Pty Ltd can give you access to a range of ASX and private deals across small to mid cp companies in a variety of sectors. You will have the opportunity to participate in Sophisticated Investor only deals such as pre-IPO raises and private placements.


What is a Sophisticated Investor?

S.708 of the Corporations Act of Australia defines the thresholds that determine if an investor can be identified as sophisticated or wholesale. This section of the Act defines a Sophisticated Investor as someone who satisfies one or both of the following criteria certified by a Chartered Accountant:

  •  A gross income each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000; or
  • Net assets of at least $2.5million.

Additionally, this type of investor is considered to have adequate investment knowledge and experience to make informed decisions regarding a new offer of securities without requiring the protection of a prospectus.

Are you ready to access the latest deals as a Sophisticated Investor? Download our Sophisticated Investor Certificate and return, completed to Laurie Trettel via email at